Book Review: LIKE IT HAPPENED YESTERDAY by Bestselling Author Ravinder Singh

I wish if it had never happened, I mean the book – Like it Happened Yesterday by bestselling author Ravinder  Singh. ‘I Too Had A Love Story’ was Spontaneous and Sincere, ‘Can Love Happen Twice?’ was Deliberate and (overly) Dramatic, and here comes the worst – ‘Like It Happened Yesterday’, a Forced and Failed attempt. It seems somebody has made Ravinder Singh to write this book on the gunpoint.

likeNarration falls flat though it is something that I’d expected from him considering his previous works). The plot…sorry there isn’t any. The story strongly misses a common idea that weave the different episodes in a thread called plot.  There is no connection between the consecutive chapters.

It seems even author was confused what he was writing and what message he wanted to convey. He has just picked some episodes from his or others’ childhood, which he could remember, and penned them down in worst possible English for the sake of writing a novel.

‘Like It Happened Yesterday’ even lacks the only strength of Ravinder Singh i.e telling a tale that holds a vulnerable romance in its heart, something that made him the darling of young readers. Sorry to say but I don’t think even the die-hard fans of Ravinder Singh would appreciate this reluctant or half-hearted effort.

The so-called novel is nothing more than a collection of low-grade short stories.

If you still think you want to read it, here is a suggestion. Once you finish the book, please go through the epilogue as well(even if you don’ feel like finishing the book). It will relieve your frustration, regarding the book, to some extent as author sounds sincere in those three pages. Otherwise, read it only if it is the last book on planet and you have nothing else to do. Here is my view at the recent work of Ravinder Singh. Yours’ may be different!

How did you feel about the book and the review? Share your views and feedback.

About Author:

Ravinder Singh, the bestselling author of I Too Had a Love Story and Can Love Happen Twice? has now come up with his third book Like It Happened Yesterday, based on his childhood that he has spent in Burla, a small town in western Orissa. Ravinder Singh had started his career with an IT company but his destiny brought him into writing. He is currently based in New Delhi and has chosen writing as his full time career.

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15 thoughts on “Book Review: LIKE IT HAPPENED YESTERDAY by Bestselling Author Ravinder Singh

  1. Ravinder Singh writes from it nd v ol appreciate it. i wanted to buy & read that book but after reading your reviews i m quite confused.

  2. Though I didn’t like this book. But I would still say we would read what we like to read.
    Forget critics…forget reviews. Read whatever you like to read. As long as you have your reasons to read, nothing else is important

    1. I am sorry Ankur if I have hurt your sentiments but every reader has its own taste and outlook towards different books. I wrote what I felt. If you have different opinion, you can express it. I am not spreading rumors. I am just expressing myself.
      Anyways, thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I really like his writing style.the way he expresses his feelings in a mesmerizing way .i hope his new book will be fantastic….

    1. Shivangi, I don’t mean to influence anybody’s opinion or interest. It’s my opinion. I also liked his first book (read the review for I too had a love story); even second wasn’t that bad but this one gets a thumbs down from me.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  4. Its so hard to win the hearts of the people,Ravin did it.and Each and every one of us would wish to go back to our childhood if possible and thats what ravin did,he took us to our is one of my fav book.and its easy to criticise anything me for many this book was the fav.

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