Esctasy and Expectations are Antagonists

Image Source: All Famous Quotes
Image Source: All Famous Quotes

Happiness is a kind of art which like its other forms needs to be practiced…practiced hard…practiced very hard…and…mastered.

Like other forms  of art, it too has got plentiful interns but masters are rare. Millions and millions boast of finding happiness but the accomplished ones are those who do not seek it at all; In fact they seek nothing, they desire nothing, they expect nothing and that makes them contended, the purest form of happiness.

The expectations and ecstasy are antagonists. They can’t live in the same soul; the reason why nobody attains true happiness as he continues to expect what he thinks he lacks.

The only mantra of happiness is kill the corner of your heart that longs for happiness but I know it’s very difficult…almost impossible!

Though I am preaching this lesson on happiness, I am not happy at all because despite knowing the secret of eternal happiness, I can’t help but desire and expect something I don’t or can’t have, but I am practicing it hoping to be a master one day. Unfortunately it is a race with no finishing line so the chase is on…on…and…on.

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