Book Review: I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh

Everything goes well: talking over the phone, care and concern, family consent and then the engagement; their love script seems to be written by the God of love. 

‘I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh is a memoir of a courtship that, owing to an unfortunate incidence, does not reach its ultimate destination – marriage. The book, which allegedly is the true love story of Ravinder Singh (the author). The experience leaves him so wrecked that he decided to narrate his story to the world through a novel. After many rejections, the book that has its foreword written by Mr. Narayan Murthy, Infosys CEO, is written as a diary. Needless to say, it innocent, heart touching, honest and emotional.

The story opens (no spoilers) as Ravin (the author himself) decides to marry and settle down finally. He registers himself at a matrimonial website. His lookout for a suitable match ends at Khushi, a vibrant Punjabi girl. He tries to contact and after some struggle (as it happens in a Bollywood movie) he is able to contact her.

Till now, I have read around four books by Ravinder Singh. And I can bet this is most genuine work of his all novels, and of course most successful too.

After a series of SMSs, question-answers, chit-chats, sweet sour encounters, family formalities; eventually they start to like and then love each other. Everything goes well. All small experiences atypical of a love cum arrange marriage like talking over the phone, family consent, care and concern, and then the engagement. Their love script seems to be written by the God of love. And then the unexpected happens.

This book seems to be inspired from the Love Story by Eric Segal, however it lacks the literary prowess and maturity in Segal’s work. Still, it is not a bad desi version of the same. The narration style is amateurish but pleasant and fresh. If you have already read this book, you may not like to hear this again but if you haven’t I don’t want to reveal the suspense. So, read it. I recommend it as the first and the best book of Ravinder Singh, which made him the favourite writers of a million readers in India and established him as India’s most popular romance writer (and hyped too). If you love to read mushy romance, this book is definitely for you.

Can Love Happen Twice? and Like it happened yesterday are other two novels by Ravinder Singh.

Watch an interview of Ravinder Singh in which he talks about his inspiration and books.

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh

  1. hello ravin sir….its a must read story…no…nt a stry…after reading it….I cudnt stop myself from weeping badly….I miss ur khushi…loved her…luved you…loved the love u shared….y she left u??? y did god do dis…I mean how cud he….I know u dnt want to reveal khushi’s face….plz dnt reveal it….but still I luv her….ur angel…..I miss ur luv….hats off to uuhh sir
    …..sir I want to request u to make a film of it…..

    1. Dear shreya please read the second part of this book CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE …..I think u will get ur answer because if God does something bad for us he also plans a good for future
      Laxmi sankar

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