His clean shaven look bowled her over, even the boss couldn’t resist

Parth’s first day in new office.

While work-related concerns were making him nervous, the joy to work under a hot boss was making him feel excited. How could he forget that interview session with her?

Anyway, let’s come back to present…Parth’s present.

Clad in his best business suit, hair spiked, and week-old stubble – he was ready to sweep his boss of her feet.

And then the moment came, the phone at his desk rang. Boss on the line.

“Parth meet me in my office” the sweet but somewhat rude voice.

“Hot girls deserve some attitude”, he brushed aside second thoughts.

He entered the office in style.

“Enter this office only if clean-shaven. This Devdas look won’t do here. Understand!” she was spitting fire.

“Yes Ma’am”.

Next day…It was a clean-shaved Parth.

Boss calls and he enters office heavy-feet.

“Sit down” her tone was different. She stood from her chair; eyes pinned on his face, extended her hands and rolled her fingers on his cheeks, down to the neck.

“That’s like a gentleman” her lips slid and a smile emerged.

“Thanks Ma’am”

“Call me Sakshi” she was smiling, a penetrating gaze, she wasn’t ready to take her eyes off of him.

His clean shaven look bowled her over.

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