Grapevine Invites Short Stories for Anthology on Teen Life

There are many aspiring writers who have the class and caliber to impress people with their writing abilities however some of them require an opportunity to showcase their skills. So many publishing houses, these days, are endeavoring to promote good storytellers through contests and talent hunts.

Grapevine India, a young publishing house in India, is continuously looking for new writers who are usually ignored by other publishers as it is always a risk to publish new authors.

Continuing with their efforts to recognize new authors, Grapevine invites all aspiring authors to participate in Short Story contest. If selected your story will be published in an anthology.

Publish yourself short stories

Here are the terms and conditions for the contest:

1. Short story should be themed around teenage life.
2. Word count should be between 1000 and 4000 words.
3. Out of 25 stories to be published,

  • Ten stories will be from authors up to 19 years
  • Ten stories will be from all age groups
  • Five stories will be from bestselling authors

4. Last date to send your entries is 31st January 2014.
5. Send your complete contact details along with the bio.
6. Send your entries only at

Note: Learning and Creativity invites amateur and aspiring authors, poets and shutterbugs to showcase their talent and get noticed.
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