5 Gifts For A Secure & Successful Future of My Child

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Parent’s love and care for children start blooming much before the child opens his/her eyes on this planet the very first time.

We all know that our parents love us but we experience it only when we have our children; it is the time when we actually value our parents’ concern when we’d refused to eat once. It is when we actually realize their anxiety when we’d returned home late.

All parents want to see their child happy and for this they don’t leave a single stone unturned. But the approach of parents to achieve the happiness of their children varies person to person.

While some bring a toy gun to entertain their children, some bring a book. Some shout at their children for a minor mistake, some ignore even a blunder. Whatever the gift is, the ultimate objective is same – seeing their children happy and successful in all walks of life.

If you ask me what kind of father I am, well, the list follows:

1. Freedom to follow his/her heart

I believe every child enters the earth with a special interest and inclination, and the only way to discover and develop it is to let your child follow his/her heart. Creativity blooms in a fresh atmosphere and vanishes under restrictions.

So my first gift to my child would be an assurance that he can follow his heart, that she can make her passion her profession, and in doing so I will always be with him/her.  

Of course, only assurance won’t do. I will plan early. I’ll make sure that money doesn’t become an obstacle in the way of his/her dreams. And the best way is to go for a child policy at very early stage so that when your child looks up to you for support you don’t have to hide your face.

2. Confidence to share her feelings

I will try to become a friend, father, guide and philosopher for my child. I would give her confidence to share her feelings. An oppressed mind falls prey to depression and negativity.

My second gift to my child is my continuous company as a friend who is ever ready to help him/her in any situation.

3. Strength to combat struggles

Success and struggles go hand in hand. While success tends to make a person overconfident, struggles deter confidence. I’ll try to make my child aware of struggles and give him strength to combat those.

My third gift would be a promise to my child that every time you face any struggle I’ll be by your side encouraging you to emerge as victorious.  

4. Courage to accept failure with pride

Success is a process that progresses through the milestone of failure. I’ll assure my child that if I will not criticize or shout at him/her if he or she fails at something. Over expectations weakens the delicate heart of a child.

My fourth gift is to encourage him/her for endeavoring and giving 100%, not pushing for win at any cost.

5. A legacy of values like love, respect and forgiveness

Values are not something that can be fed to memory by ‘copy’ and ‘paste’. At least there should be some difference between a child and memory card.

My fifth gift to my child is a promise,  I’ll be making to myself, that I won’t do anything in front or back of my children that I don’t want them to do.

Home is the first school and parents are the first teachers. So I’ll try to inculcate human values like love, respect and forgiveness in my child by reflecting these values in my behavior so that he can learn by seeing me.

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