Book Review, Done With Men – Light, Crispy & Hilarious

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Title: Done With Men
Author: Shuchi Singh Kalra
Publisher: Indireads
Available as: ebook
Reviewed byNeha Arora

The first thing that strikes me about this book is its catchy title – Done With Men. I started reading it with not much interest initially but I was hooked to it completely after reading a page.

Done With Men - Book Review

Done With Men revolves around Kairavi who tries to run away from her tumultuous love life. On the face of it, Kairavi has everything. She is young with an enviable job of a travel writer and a reliable friend to bank on! Except that she is jinxed in the matters of love!

She loves to party. She is fun-loving, clumsy and wears her heart on her sleeve. But she has had enough of boyfriends in her life (ranging from the wimps, the brawny to complete idiots).

Kairavi is done with men in her life. Sad over a failed relationship, Kairavi is on her way for a work assignment to Goa with her best friend, Baani.

Amid sipping margaritas, undiluted vodka, parties, and music in Goa, Kairavi’s life goes through many ups and downs right from landing in a hospital straight from a party, to an almost lesbian encounter and even falling for a handsome doctor.

Many twists and turns unfolds in her life during the course of a few weeks in Goa that are fit for a Bollywood potboiler.

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