Adhikar (Authority), a poem by Mahadevi Verma

वे मुस्काते फूल, नहीं
जिनको आता है मुर्झाना,
वे तारों के दीप, नहीं
जिनको भाता है बुझ जाना।

Neither are they the smiling blooms,
that are set to shrivel.
Nor are they those lamps of star,
that like to loose light.

वे नीलम के मेघ, नहीं
जिनको है घुल जाने की चाह,
वह अनन्त रितुराज, नहीं
जिसने देखी जाने की राह।

Neither are they the blue clouds
that are eager to rain.

Nor are they the timeless spring
that finds the exit lane.

वे सूने से नयन, नहीं
जिनमें बनते आँसू मोती,
वह प्राणों की सेज, नहीं
जिसमें बेसुध पीड़ा सोती।

Neither are they those plain eyes,
where tears don’t form pearls,

Nor is it the bed of life,
where unaware pain dwells.

ऐसा तेरा लोक, वेदना नहीं,
नहीं जिसमें अवसाद,
जलना जाना नहीं,
नहीं जिसने जाना मिटने का स्वाद!

is it your world?…no pain,
no melancholy it ever held
Neither it Knew heat of gloom,
nor did it know taste of being vanished.

क्या अमरों का लोक मिलेगा
तेरी करुणा का उपहार?
रहने दो हे देव! अरे
यह मेरा मिटने का अधिकार!

Landing in the world of immortals,
Is it your gift, lord?
Leave me almighty! atleast
I deserve the right to
loose the strings, lives that hold.


About Mahadevi Verma

Mahadevi Varma is a renowned Hindi poet, who was also involved in freedom struggle. He was a relentless woman activist and a noted Indian educationist. Also known as the “modern Meera“, she belonged to Chhayavaad generation, ranging from 1914–1938, a period marking the intervention of romanticism in Modern Hindi poetry. Over the time, her limited but outstanding prose gained earned her recognisation as unique in Hindi literature. In her days, she was a frequent in Hindi Kavi sammelans (Gatherings of poets), memerising the attendees with her amazing poetry.

She worked as the Principal, and then the Vice-Chancellor of Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth, which is a woman residential college in Allahabad. She had to her name India’s highest literary award, for lifetime achievement; she was awarded with Sahitya Akademi Fellowship in 1979, followed by the prestigious Jnanpith Award in 1982. Moreover, she was the recipient of one of the India’s second and third highest civilian awards — the Padma Bhushan (1956) and the Padma Vibhushan (1988)  respectively.

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