Book Review – Impulse by Reekrit Serai

Title: Impulse (Paperback)
Author: Reekrit Serai
Genre: Short Stories
Pages: 174
Reviewer: Pankaj Sharma

Believe me, I am left with very little patience and interest for short stories that are being published these days as some recent anthologies were duds. With short stories, I expect a spontaneous WOW, awe, a sigh or any expression of surprise, satisfaction or shock for that matter.

Impulse by Reekrit, let me tell you, had appeared to me to be the one out of that crap but like always my sense of speculation deceived me and what seems to be an ordinary book turned out to be an incredible work of imagination, words and narration.

A collection of Short stories, these days, is based on a theme — teenage, love letter or first crush or something of that sorts — targeted at a special set of audience. Impulse, contrary to market trend, is more of an expression, a perspective of looking at the things, happenings and human traits, which is different and unique in itself. Even the love stories reflect a different shade. Every story takes you to a world inhabited by melancholy, gloom or sadness — rightly titled as Impulse. All stories, barring a couple (as I feel), ooze maturity on author’s part. Though it may limit the reach of the book as not every reader likes to deal with intense reads but that’s the risk an out-of-the-league author have to take.

The author has weaved different emotions and human psychological traits in the form of short stories in Impulse, all of which are intense, intriguing and inquisitive. The book, in my view, is an interesting read though there are some flaws, like rare grammatical glitch, couple of typos and occasional formatting (line breaks) errors, as well. Also I found 2–3 stories a way too dramatic, something I don’t admire in short stories, though my friend had different take on that. So you see opinion is something subjective. Read and find yours.

I recommend this book for all those who admire thought-evoking, captivating and intense writing.

These are my views on Impulse. Let me know yours.

The book is available at Flipkart, Amazon and Homeshop18.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review – Impulse by Reekrit Serai

  1. true that!
    the book does appear like an off the block cheese stuffed fantasy but no once you read each story, its like the author kept them so open ended so we could connect to them in the state of mind we were in! absolutely loved this one

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