Lies didn’t help, did!

blogaddaIt was May 7, 2014 – the day of big IPL clash. Two great warriors of IPL, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Kings XI Punjab (KXIP), were to face each other, head to head, the second time this IPL. While CSK was looking to revenge their previous defeat, the only one for this IPL; KXIP, after losing to Kolkata Knight Riders was desperate to reestablish their knighthood they have been demonstrating all through IPL 2014.

Temptation to watch this thrilling game was irresistible. It was hard to wait till 8 pm. I didn’t even want to miss the extra innings. I usually reach home at 7:45 pm that meant I needed not to do anything special to reach in time. Everything was set. I would wrap up everything by 6 pm in the office and would reach home 15 minutes earlier and would enjoy the clash of the titans.

Things were going as expected and I was sure these would be. As my computer clock struck 5:45 pm, I started to pack up for the day. By 5:55 pm, I was all set to leave my desk and jump out of the office in sheer excitement. But God I mean the Boss had some other plans. From somewhere a familiar voice echoed in the office.

“Can you come here for a sec, Pankaj?”

“F*** off” was what I wanted to say, “Coming boss” was what I said.

“Oh, you were leaving. Can you make this update? It’s urgent.”

“Sir…actually…I have to pick up my brother-in-law from railway station and I’m already late. Sir you know no? saari khudai ek taraf aur joru ka bhai ek taraf” I faked a smile like that of Jeevan’s, the old bollywood villain.

“But it would be the first thing I’ll be doing in the morning”, I promised to boss.

“Ok, go” boss reluctantly replied.
Glenn Maxwell playing a reverse sweep,
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I thanked God and hurried outside. In no time I was at the bus stand. I hadn’t missed my chartered bus.

I was happy again and wished Sehwag to fire today.

Every plan was on the platform again. But today even the traffic had other plans.

The Akshardham road was choked, which is usually jammed. Choking is serious if you call jam obvious. The bus was in the middle of vehicles like an island in a sea. The time figures on my mobile continued to move but traffic didn’t.

My Samsung Galaxy (sorry don’t know the model number) vibrated in its full fury. Every time you are in some kind of mess your friends are always there, with a pinch of salt. It was Guddu.

Kya launde match dekh raha hai (watching match, huh)”

I wanted to say something but there was an aunty sitting by my side so I controlled my emotions.

nahin yaar traffic men fansa hun aur match shuru ho gya hai. Aaj to sara maja khraab ho jayega.

“Don’t worry I won’t let your fun die”

“How can you forget, tere paas phone hai aur vo bhi smart. Visit and have fun. Beta soch main na hota to tera kya hota.

“Accha accha theek hai, ab phone rakh, bore mat kar” time was running out.

I disconnected the phone and in a flash switched to Sehwag had just hit a four on the very first delivery. It was a long time since I’ve watched Sehwag, my favorite player, playing this shot to perfection.

Though the screen was small, clarity was amazing. And when I put on earphone plugs it became even better. Heart broke when Sehwag got out but Maxwell continued to entertain as he is doing throughout this IPL.

I reached home at around 9 pm but didn’t want to switch on the TV. It was the first time I was watching cricket on mobile and it was a never-before-experience. Thanks

Finally the match concluded with Kings XI Punjab almost crushing Chennai Super Kings. Only in ages would you see CSK being dominated like this. Though Maxwell was again the hero and Bailey the captain himself played a gem of the innings; it was again Sehwag whom I wanted to see again playing that lofted drive over the covers for the six and that elegant drive pulling the ball from the off. And, it was again that fulfilled my desire with its ‘Action Recap‘ feature which became my favorite feature on as it provides you the opportunity to watch the best moments of the match again.

 Though Action Recap is something that suits my cricketastic viewing, other features including Fastest Scoreboard, Zip Clips (something you need desperately if your favorite team has won or favorite player have performed magically), Infographix and Deferred Live would interest all cricketmaniacs like me.

With I needn’t to lie about my poor brother-in-law’s arrival and praise him in front of my boss. I wish he never knows this. has made watching-cricket-on-the-go possible with great picture and sound quality. Enjoy it.


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