StarSports Did It Again, Saves My Saturday Fun

A hearty lunch on a Saturday afternoon, followed by a thrilling IPL game – there cannot be a better way to wind up a weekend.

Like every Saturday, especially ever since IPL has kicked off; I wake up excited, full of happiness. I finalize Rajmah Rice, with boondi rayta for the lunch. I like to cook on weekends. Necessary preparations required for Rajmah recipe are done. Have some toasts with a cup of tea and start surfing channels for a morning dose of movie. I was expecting a good IPL game between Delhi Daredevils and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

And, rayta fail gya, before it actually got ready. Sometimes a phone call is enough to mar your mood. Sushant calls from the office phone. Vinash kale veeprit buddhi. I pick up the call even when I knew it’s from the office.

Abe tu aaj office men?

Haan yaar, boss ne kuch jaruri kaam bata diya hai. Tujhe bhi aana hai.

‘Sorry yaar, I can’t come. I am not in Delhi. I am at some relative’s in Chandigarh.

beta jhooth bol rha na.

‘bhai tu ghar aakar check kar le.

Chal theek hai. Monday aa rha hai na?


‘Aah bach gaya,’ I took a sigh of relief and switched off my phone to avoid any further spoiler.

I am done with my lunch by 2:30 pm. Rajamah-Rice were very tasty. I spend another hour in changing channels. By 3:30, I am ready for DD & SRH game with some chips and Pepsi. Tune in to Set Max (I love Hindi commentary but it doesn’t mean I don’t understand the English).

Suddenly the TV goes blank and so is the fan. Is it a power failure?. Yes it is.

‘Saale Sushant ki baddua lagi hogi’.

Hold on. I remember. I’ve faced the same problem on Wednesday. My eyes lit up. I switch on my mobile phone. Battery is beaming with pride, enough for event five IPL games.


I open and the match comes alive with same picture quality and sound. It’s a long power cut. First innings is over but light is still absent and the only thing I am concerned about is heat though the exciting match is making up for it. To make the better use of interval time I went to ‘Zip Clips’ feature, one of my favorite features of, to enjoy some breathtaking moments of the game.

Finally saves me from the frustration of missing an IPL game and the torture of Delhi heat. Truly, in this digital age, has really changed the way cricket had been viewed in India. Cricket is cricketastic with

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