Saas-Bahu Ad of Big Bazaar

I had almost forgotten the ‘Ad Mortem’ section on my blog, which has only one post till now. But finally I got to watch an advertisement of TV, tailor-made for the postmortem.

It’s the ad for Big Bazaar. In this ad a South-Indian daughter-in law, accompanied by his son (Chinna), is leaving for some foreign country to live with his husband who for some reason could not come to take her.

Her mother-in-law is very concerned on how her dear daughter-in-law would manage all by herself, from changing flights to taking care of Chinna with such a huge luggage. While she is busy throwing dialogues after dialogues showing her concern for her adventure-trip, the visuals show her packing belongings in a luggage, probably bought from Big Bazaar, and reaching the door dragging that big suitcase. She touches the feet of her mom-in-law and says in a typical saas-bahu serial bahu, “akeli kahaan hun main aapka dher saara pyaar jo saath le jar hi hoon”.

And ad ends with their punch-line, independent ban rha hai India beautiful ban raha hai India.

Now post-mortem points:

  • How the hell can shopping from Big Bazaar or from any other store for that matter makes any difference in the journey?
  • The ad shows them speaking Hindi in a South Indian accent. I wonder how they managed to find a South Indian family in this Universe which speaks Hindi at home when they appear more comfortable with their native language. And I don’t think, as evident from lady’s looks and talk, that the daughter-in-law is from North India. It makes sense if she is.
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