Dhoni Writes One More Cricketastic Script On The Pitch

I remember a latest Honey Singh song, “ye ladkiyan mujhse kya kya karvayengi”. Not girls though, IPL 2014 is making me a richer sinner this season. Too many lies, more than what I use to say in a year, to anybody from Boss to Biwi.

It’s for Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings game today. Chennai is growing in strength to might with every passing match but what makes a Chennai game special is Dhoni’s ability to take the game all the way down to the wire and pulling off a terrific game at a moment when Chennai fans had their hearts in mouth. And, surprisingly it’s always Dhoni hitting the winning runs. How can I miss such a thriller, especially when its Chennai Cricktastics.

So the lie, the third one for the love of IPL. Match was to kick off at 4 pm. It meant I had to leave office at around 2:30 pm, immediately after the lunch. The lie must be new this time, the unique one something that earns me an instant approval from my boss. And then came the idea.

My body language had started to go down at 1:00 pm. I even sacrificed my lunch and kept lying at my desk in head down posture even when everybody was enjoying their lunch. I even turned off the fan hanging over my head, exposing myself to the heat (though it was not that taxing, courtesy AC which was still alive).

‘Come on, somebody notice me please, I am pretending to be sick’.

‘What happened, Pankaj’ finally it was Riya.

‘I am feeling cold, may be fever’ I said in the voice of a bed-ridden.

blogaddaAfter displaying some more acting skills which worked, I was at the bus stand waiting for my bus. I didn’t have to wait much. By 3:45 pm, I was at my doorstep. Like a maniac, I yanked open the door and switched on the TV. WTF…the TV came alive but cable connection didn’t. When I checked the wiring, these were cut. You f****** rat, couldn’t you get a better day for that. I felt like blowing the rat into pieces by offering it to cannon or hang him till death or subject him to any brutal torture (I hope some animal right activist is not reading this).

Thank God, I have an Internet connection. Like previous times, it was again StarSports.com that saved me from a big frustration. This time I enjoyed the ‘Fastest Scoreboard’ feature which serves score faster than anyone else. And guess what, the match stretched to the last over, Dhoni again hitting the winning runs. Dhoni dear, you must be in Bollywood, you write unbelievable cricket scripts and that’s too on the pitch, not on celluloid.


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