Caring Cat Saves the Kid From Dog’s Attack

I am sure most of us would definitely have witnessed a dog driving away or attacking a cat. But how many of us can claim to see the opposite. I mean a cat driving a dog away.

If I say a cat attacked and shooed a dog that saved a little boy from getting some serious injuries, if not death. This rare incident took in Bakersfield, California where a little boy was riding his bicycle in the driveway of his home.

If you see the video you can clearly see a dog attacking this kid. The dog had almost inserted its molars in kid’s leg but before it could cause more damage the family cat, Tara, jumped on the dog and you can see the dog running away. The father of the kid, Roger Triantafilo, uploaded this scary and strange encounter to YouTube.

Watch the video and enjoy the heroics of this caring cat.

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