Chance To Get Published In Anthology, Submit Your Short Stories

add bannerI know, there are many other aspiring writers like me who want, in fact are dying to get published but are not sure how to go about it.

I have some of my stories ready but I am either too lazy to write stories enough for an anthology or too desperate to get published so I am inviting other aspiring authors to realize their dream of becoming a published author.

I, thereby, invite aspiring short story writers to send me your short stories. Once I’ll have enough stories to form an anthology, I’ll get it published. With my years of experience in this industry and curiosity, I have gathered enough information required to self-publish and distribute a book to bookstores, both virtual and real.

Let me tell you it’s not a contest. Therefore there are no deadlines to submit your story. You can submit whenever you want; the only problem is I am looking for only 20 stories. Once I’ll get what I want, I won’t entertain any other entry. If my team and I like the first twenty, the contest will close there and then. So now you can decide how eager you are to get published.

Basic Guidelines of the story to be submitted:

  • The word limit is 1500-2500 words.
  • Any theme or idea would do but it should relate to masses.
  • Entries should be in English.
  • You can send more than one short story.
  • No deadline in terms of time but in term of stories yes there is (refer to text).

Let me know what you think. Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.

Send in your queries and entries

You can register your query or express your interest by commenting on the same post or leaving your email ID.

P.S: We don’t commit any royalties or signing amount as of now but if I earned you will earn for sure.

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