Author’s Ink India And Crazzy Ventures Presents ‘Love Bytes: 20 Tales of Love (An Anthology)’

Being an aspiring writer, I am always in look out for short story contests as I believe success is a journey rather than a product. Only a few rare species achieve it overnight.

For me, having my story featured in an anthology is a step closer to becoming an author. So I follow, like and do all other social media practices to get latest updates coming from all publishing houses and send my entry to all anthology contests hoping to get selected.

Also, I write a post on the same so that other aspiring writers who are unaware of the opportunity can know about it from my blog and participate.

This post is about one of such short story contests which had annoyed me at the first look as they were demanding Rs. 2500 from the selected writers. Since I am not the one who would let it go easily without expressing my annoyance, I posted a comment asking ‘why Rs. 2500 for a contest’. While I was expecting my comment to be deleted, I was surprised to get a message from publishers expressing their willingness to justify ‘why Rs. 2500’. And soon the Facebook chat was converted into a telephonic conversation.

After around 25 minutes of conversation regarding the endeavors they are putting into making this anthology a success, I was fully convinced that every penny of the amount is worth investing. And now I’ll be sending my story by next week because I am sure contrary to other anthologies, the one-story-writer won’t land up in oblivion after this anthology.

This short story contest is being organized by Author Ink India, a young and ambitious publishing house, which had earlier an anthology,  CRUSH : An Incomplete Heartbeat.

Here are details of the contest:

Author’s Ink India And Crazzy Ventures Presents:

Love Bytes: 20 Tales of Love (An Anthology)
To be edited by: Shivam Mishra and Shradha Nanchahil
Genre: Love/Romance/Relationship
Word limit: Less than 2500 words.

Short Story Contest by Author Ink India


  • The content should be in English and unpublished.
  • Plagiarized story will be disqualified.
  • Last date of submission is July 27 (midnight)
  • The decision of editorial board will be final.
  • Send your entries at and at along with author’s bio, your contact details and a high resolution picture of yours.
  • The selected participants will have to deposit Rs 2500 within 7 days of declaration of results as a contributing fee which is non-refundable.

Why Rs. 2500?
It is an ambitious project by publishers and lot of money and efforts are being invested in marketing and branding exercises to ensure that the anthology becomes a succes.

Have a look at the promotional and branding campaigns:

The Promotional Team
1. Plorez and Succesogram – Branding partners
2. Bestonlinedeals and dealsstreet – deals partners
3. Shoes on loose – travel partners
4. Big drawf marketing and PSD studios – marketing partners
5. Spacenab – online media partners
6. Lawpreneurs- legal parteners
7. TCC – Connecting partner
8. Strangers – merchandise partner

The promotions will be on a very large scale throughout the country. AuthorsInkIndia has joined hands with more than 19 start-ups for the promotional events and these start-ups will monitor the offline as well as online success of this book.

Some questions that will be rising in the minds of the writers:

  • ‎Is‬ this team capable of making love bytes a bestseller?
  • ‪‎Are‬ they really capable to mentor in brand building and marketing and making me(WRITER) brand?
  • ‎Why‬ 2500, is this a reasonable fee?

For knowing the team capabilities, and answers to above mentioned question or any other question that arise in your mind, we request you to visit all the below mentioned links and find out the facts about CRAZZY family and its members and its capabilities and then decide IS this a life time opportunity or not, to be a part of such awesome family and its project.

The list continues, CRAZZY family has 25+ entrepreneurs working on each and every project that CRAZZY ventures take.
Love bytes is a CRAZZY ventures project and is presented by CRAZZY family, please go through the links and get assured about the success of the upcoming masterpiece by the CRAZZIEST family on this planet

Additional Benefits:

  • 15 complimentary author copies
  • One love bytes t shirt.
  • 1 self branding poster.
  • Branding @ (personal branding)
  • Success gifts on sale of 1000 copies.
  • Mentor-ship by author’s ink india and crazzy ventures for a successful writing career.

So send in your entries by 27 July 2014 and put your best foot forward to the road towards your ultimate destiny.

I am in touch with the publishers so if you have any other query and doubt, you can mention it in the comment box with your email. I will revert you back with the answer/resolution. Hurry you have very little time in your hands.

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