#SoundOfLove Over 60 Love Letters

#SoundofLove“Come on Shagun! It’s been 3 years since we are in this relationship and six months since I have proposed you for marriage. My parents are ready, your parents have given their nod but it’s you who is yet not convinced. Stop being mulish now,” he was very frustrated.

“OK! then impress me with a love letter” she said, wearing a cute smile that made her look more beautiful and him more desperate to make her his for lifetime.

Pankaj looked at her. She was beautiful. No she wasn’t. She was something he’d never imagined, not even in his dreams. Eyes refused to look away after she fell into the sight. Ear refused to hear anything when she spoke. She ruled his mind, his senses. But he was in different mood today

“You know, you are making a fool of me. I have already written 60 love letters in last six months but couldn’t please the princess. What do you want me to do now? Should I write in blood for you” his frustration was growing.

“No my dear future husband; just write it in words but in special words that would make me fall for you, though I have already fallen for you” she giggled.

“Ok my dear princess. This time I have given my best shot. Let me read this one for you. After this love letter, you would pack your bags even for honeymoon,” I teased her.

“Let’s see.”

He put his hand in the right pocket of his trouser, pulled out a folded paper, unfolded it and started reading it out.

The day when I first saw you,
I wanted you for the lifetime…

The day you first noticed me,
I wanted you for the lifetime…

The day you first took my name,
I wanted you for the lifetime…

The day you first hold my hand,
I wanted you for the lifetime…

The day you first cried for me,
I wanted you for the lifetime…

The day I went into this relationship,
I wanted you for the lifetime…

But today I beg you my sweetheart,
I want you for the lifetime…
Please marry me…please please marry me

“I hurt you very much naa” her eyes were moist. “Sorry Pankaj! I love you so much and I can’t live without you. I just wanted to see how much I love me. Sorry na” She’d cupped her ears in her fingers.

He didn’t realize when a tear rolled down his cheeks and fell on the love letter, making the letter ‘love’ a bit blurred.

“Hey don’t you dare spoil my most precious possession; I will preserve it for my lifetime along with others that you will be writing for me on my every birthday until I am alive. No…you have to write me love letter even after I will not be with you, otherwise I’ll become a ghost and scare you in dreams” she was laughing at her own statement.

“Shut up Shagun! Don’t talk about leaving me. We’ll live together and die together.” Neither she nor he could hold tears after that. They embraced each other and cried till felt lighter.

Within three months, they got married. Finally his love letter was approved and so did his application to live with her for rest of his life.

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