Half Girlfriend (English) (Paperback)

Half Girlfriend is the much-awaited novel by the famous Indian novelist, Chetan Bhagat. It delves into new and different dimensions that relationships have in today’s world.

Flipkart Rating: 3.9/5

Summary of the Book

Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat
Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

Madhav is a Bihari boy with big dreams who falls in love with the beautiful Riya, a rich lass from Delhi. There are some fundamental differences between the two. Madhav’s English isn’t all that great, but Riya speaks the best English. Madhav wants Riya to be his girlfriend but Riya disagrees. She wants them to be just friends but he definitely wants more. Riya finally comes up with a suggestion, a compromise – she agrees to become his half-girlfriend! Chetan Bhagat presents a simple and beautiful love story that will move you with all the nuances of a modern-day relationship. It also inspires you to realize your individual dreams.

Read the Review:  “Though, he’s chosen a topic which is close to the heart of many but the storytelling has nothing new to offer.”
~ Pankaj Sharma (Stories In Moments)

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