Playing It My Way: My Autobiography (English)(Hardcover)

In this long-awaited autobiography, readers will be able to see glimpses into the life of this living legend; and of the man behind the sport, the husband, the father and an extraordinary human being– quiet, calm and with a rare humility.

Flipkart Rating: 4.5/5

Summary of the Book
In 2013, cricket fans around the world watched as the greatest player in the history of the game hung up his boots for good. With this book, his fans can now relive the story of the man they called the ‘God of Cricket’. Never before was a cricketer so universally admired, loved and respected by team mates and opponents alike and never before has a sporting icon been raised so high by a grateful nation.

Read the Review:
What we get here is a recitation of facts and figures, of matches played and series won and lost, all from the perspective of Tendulkar’s own performances. It is a bit like Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi, where the supporting cast (Nehru, Patel, Jinnah) play bit roles.
Suresh Menon (Published in ESPNcricinfo)

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