WOW – ‘Waitress, Wood And Watch’

“TOUCH WOOD,” all she could murmur with her trembling lips.

It was 12:45 am. The beautiful WAITRESS was attending to the remnants of drunkards. A handsome man at the corner table had his eyes glued to the waitress. From the corner of her eyes, she glanced at the man. Her lips stretched in a smile. The man smiled back and showed his WATCH to her.

Her nervous lips curved to weave ‘wait‘. The man feigned desperation but he was calm at the same time.  It was getting difficult for him to wait for those last 15 minutes, remaining out of  the last four months.

15 minutes, the time to close the bar.

He finished his last dose of alcohol and focused back on the waitress.

15 minutes later, he exited the bar with the waitress whose finger, with a vein to heart, was sparkling with a diamond ring.

It was quite a long wait but finally you are mine. From this very moment, you won’t be serving to anybody. In fact, I promise you to serve you my love and care for the lifetime and I hope you don’t mind,” the man whispered in her ear adorned with a golden earring which shook in approval.

TOUCH WOOD,” all she could murmur with her trembling lips.

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