Movie Review Sultan: Salman Packs a Dhobi-Pachhad

Rating: 3 Stars

My experience as a movie-lover was in perfect sync with the story of the movie. As the titles open, I am hopeful; as Salman looks too old to be a chichora lad, I try hard not to mind; as Sul-man enters wrestling, I feel interested; Sultan is arrogant and I am ignorant; the family drama stretches too much and I am not interested; and then Sultan rises and so is the adrenaline. While the first half is about making and finishing of Sultan as India’s best wrestler till, the second half is about his comeback.

Sultan movie 1

Sultan is entertaining with some real good scenes in patches, especially first fight after first half, which was so overwhelming that I have to take a breather to manage the goosebumps it had generated. After watching Sultan, I can say one thing that the Director, the new kid on the block, is talented. The visible flaws, that I can see, may be an outcome of handing star sorry hyper star power. After all, it is not easy to play with fire (just kidding). First half is ok but the second one is real gripping. And the movie ends at a motivational note with some sugar-coated frames as it signs off.

Talking about actors all performed well even in brief screen presences. Anushka is good as a female wrestler however her character could have been better but you can expect this when Salman is your co-star. Randeep is good with strong screen presence. The others have also done their parts with conviction.  No need to talk about Salman, Sultan is made for him and he delivers.

sultan movie 2

It isn’t a sport-glorifying movie like Iqbal or Chak De for that matter. But it’s decent recipe with ingredients of too much drama, some good action and comedy – svadanusar (as per taste). The movie has got its moments which may make you feel sad, proud and overwhelming however it happens in patches. Some tight editing could have made it more engaging.

sultan 3

My only disappointment is Salman never looks convincing in training session. It’s too surreal to see Salman overtaking train and bikes as he looks like pulling himself. I think this is something that should be taken care of with technology. Having said this, it hardly matters for fans when it’s SALMAN in as SULTAN.

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