#IndvsWI T20: Is Dhoni’s Charm Fading?

Karma has it. Karma, for the moment, is the destiny. So, does that mean, Dhoni’s charm fading? He’s a player who can hit the last ball for six 9 out of 10 times. But he couldn’t hit it for a single in the just concluded first T20 international between West Indies and India at Florida, the US soil.

It was a heartbreak for all cricket fans. Last ball, one to draw and two to draw. 11 out of 10 times Dhoni would have won it. But he couldn’t. In fact he got out on that. So what’s the Omen. Is Dhoni losing his touch, something which has won him and India many games. Let’s not say that. It’s just a match. And it happens. It has happened a million times in the cricketing history. But saying this can help us forget the loss that we lost after almost winning it.

Sorry I can’t. And besides all logics, I can’t take that. Being an Indian, I am heartbroken and angry with Dhoni. I know he has won a hundred games for us. But still I can’t take it. May be after a couple of hours I am alright but not at this moment. And I am not hesitant to put the blame on Dhoni. He’s the culprit for the moment and at the heat of the moment, I am not sorry to say that Dhoni’s losing his charm and his strong arm as well.

Let’s see what Twitter has to say about #IndvsWi T20, some different thoughts may be.


And at last, here’s a tweet from the Nawab of the Twitter, Well played on the new pitch too.

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