Book Review: Super Couples – Inspiring Stories of Couple-preneurs

Title: Super Couples
Author: Prachi Garg
Publisher: Srishti Publisher & Distributors
Verdict: Must Read (especially for aspiring business couples)

If they can be partners for life, why can’t they be partners for business? That’s the message Prachi Garg tries to convey through her second book, Super Couples – Inspiring Stories of Couple-preneurs. After exploring the journeys of women entrepreneurs in Super Women, the author has come up with the real life stories of couples who joined hands to fulfill their business aspirations and achieve them in the loving company of each other.

The book serves the success stories of 20 Super Couples for whom cupid and business bug strike at the same time. And, they leave no stone unturned to make sure that both are entertained well. These couples lead by example and break the stereotype that couples are bad business partners.  The stories of these couples how they defy odds, become each others’ support in testing times and finally emerge as winners were worth telling to world. And the author has done full justice to these tales of talent to success. Despite being a non-fictional account of 20 motivational real life stories, the book is interesting and intriguing.

Super Couple Review 2


“SuperCouples brings out such lovely stories of enterprising couples. After all, when great minds come together to produce something built on conjoined dreams, the result is eminently successful.”

The experiences of couples portraying crests and troughs of couple-preneurs with quotes describing their milestones keep the readers hooked. This book is not only for the aspiring business couples but for other couples as well, as more than the entrepreneurial side, it has some important lessons of togetherness and mutual understanding on offer too. So read this book, no matter if you are smitten by entrepreneurship bug or not. It has something or other for all. Most importantly, we are never too young or too old to chase our dreams.

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