#WorldTelecomDay: Look at the audacity of this thankless telecalling executive

This post is regarding a telecalling executive who called me up to sell a credit card but ended up using abusive words when not entertained.

Note: This is the real TrueCaller ID of the person.

Today (May 17, 20017, 12:45 pm), when twitter is abuzz with #WorldTelecomDay, I was humiliated by a tellecaller who called me names when I refused to accept his credit card offer. I got the call from the no. 9350489065, registered against Anil Kashyap, who posed himself as a senior executive from RBL Bank. He asked me to take a credit card from RBL Bank, which I politely refused.
He forced me to listen to the features of card, which I denied as I was not interested and had to meet some tight guidelines at office. After which he disconnected the call saying ‘jaa mar le fir’ (go die somewhere). Is it the way anybody has a right to talk to a person just because he is not willing to buy what he is selling. When I redialed the number to ask why he used such an abusive language, the call didn’t connected. This is again a problem from telecom companies who issue phone numbers that work only one way and nobody can reach them. This numbers can also be used to harass people.

This is disgusting how people you have no relation to can easily insult you and make you feel low about yourself. I have already informed the bank about the audacity of their sales executive through a mail to their vigilance department however I am sure no action will be taken. Meanwhile, I am looking for alternate channels to raise the issue. This might be a simple case but its implications can be devastating as people can use these one-way phone numbers for anti-social activities or harassing women and others. I am sure there would be many people who have had the similar experiences. I would be grateful if they can suggest me potent ways to deal with it.

At the time of writing this post, I had received a response on Twitter (after I shared the blog on twitter and tagged the @rblbank) from the bank and they had assured me that one of their executives would be contacting me and listening to my grievance.

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