Tweets that Show Republic TV’s M-Bhakti

It has been over a month since Republic TV, Arnab Goswami’s much hyped news baby, was lauched but it still appears to be moving one-way: targeting all that’s against the ruling party. I’ve been closely watching the tweets of Republic TV but I have observed is most of its tweets are biased towards the ruling party in the centre. It makes me think if news channels these days are news reporters or news creators. While the channel misses no chance to slam the likes of Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal, it remains largely ignorant about the government’s lackluster performances.

I would like to make a point here that I am not favouring a particular party but I am opposing Republic’s move of favouring one particular party. Hijacking public’s thoughts is a crime and that’s not what Republic means. Rather than talking in length about what is not right about this so-called revolutionary offering from Arnab Goswami, I present a few tweets from the channel’s twitter handle, which seems to be shouting a verdict rather than delivering the news as it should be.


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