The Country of our Dreams:The Power of Public in Changing Face and Fate Of India

From a parliamentarian to a pedestrian, everybody has got the words of criticism and share of suggestions for the Government. I am not saying, problems don’t exist at all but that’s not the way we can shape the company of our dreams. In fact, there are plenty of these. Ranging from the infiltration at the extremes of India Political to the roots of corruption, digging deep into the society; problems have captured our country to an extent where growth refuses to make its way and progress retreats from the forefronts. But harping hymns of problems, issues and threats is not the solution.

No doubt, Indian economy at present is facing a slowdown or decline; the women security is below par; corruption is mounting; crime is rising; prices are on sky; unemployment rate is shocking; and poverty is shattering records.

But everybody knows this. Even a roadside beggar can deliver a presentation on problems in present day India, provided he gets paid for his services. Therefore, I won’t talk about those same old chants of issues that is being discussed everywhere, ranging from a public toilet to the peaks of skyscrapers.

I will talk about the power of public participation in changing the face and fate of the country of our dreams. I sometimes wonder if we actually care for these problems or these are mere a trail of topics that provide food for our bus-ride discussions, roadside gossips and lunchtime jokes.

Talking a lot about issues but doing nothing is the favourite pastime of public; surprisingly every discussion ending with damning government.

From recession to depression and pollution to pollination; government can be held responsible for anything. According to me, it’s only a student of economics in a school or college who is actually concerned about the depreciating value of rupee as he has just studied in his or her books that depreciation in rupee value destablises economy and obstructs the growth of the country. Rest all just chill.

A govt. employee is least bothered because he knows he will get his salary at any cost. For a corporate professional it’s like his wishes have come true as most of MNCs these days earn their revenue from developed countries like US, UK, Australia, and Canada among others.

A middle class may get scared when a vegetable seller announces, “pyaz assi rupaye kilo hai (onion prices at Rs. 70)” but even he won’t think about this for long as he has already mastered the art of suppressing his needs and meeting his ends with whatever he earns.

We blame corruption of most of our miseries. Roads are inadequate; ministers licked the money. There are no jobs; ministers have hired their loved ones. Wanted government jobs? Warm the palms of authorities. Have we ever tried to understand how the seed of the corruption germinates?

Unfortunately, we the public of Republic of India is greatly responsible for this curse. Rather than raising a combine voice, which has the power to steer the reigns of most powerful rulers, we adapt to the situation.

First we encourage corruption by bribing some higher authority to help our son, brother or sister to get a govt. job, without hesitating to sell land, jewellery or any other belonging; and then we pace the process of recovering money through accepting bribe thereby creating thousands of more committed corrupts.

This process of becoming and creating corrupts is responsible for injuring our economy. Though the system initiates this but aren’t we contributing to this corrupt system. How can we extricate ourselves from this?

This whole system works like a crowded bus ride. As the bus traverses from stand to stand, the number of passengers increases and space inside decreases but there are still many more stands to come with crowd of people waiting to reach their respective destinations. Now comes the interesting part. The bus is full. While the passengers inside start blocking the door, the ones who are out pushes inside.

The insiders curse the outsiders to crowd the already crowded bus and outsiders abuse the insiders for being selfish and not letting them get inside and for depriving them of their basic rights. But once the outsiders are able to secure space inside, they become the insiders and join the existing insiders to resist others from becoming insiders. This process continues till everyone reaches its respective destinations.

Our political system follows the same route. When we are outsiders we curse the insiders (politicians) by holding them responsible for our miseries and consuming the resources all by themselves and depriving the outsiders of their rights. But when an outsider enters the politics, in spite of addressing the issues and concerns of common people he starts feeling like the insider and thinks of his first benefits first.

If we want to lead our country on the path of progress, we should rise and get aware of our responsibilities and work in unison. Only united, we can change the course of events and force government to work for us. We, the Indians, are the victims of short term memory loss.

We tend to forget our mission in no time. After Nirbhaya rape case, it seems the public have united and change looked inevitable. But history repeated itself, 20,000 people at India Gate and Jantar Mantar squeezed to 5000, 5000 restricted to 500 and soon it was all desolate.

If we actually want to make a difference, we need to overcome our restrictions and come out in the open to work of our country’s progress. This is what most of Governments refrain from doing because they believe united they would have the power to change the reigns.

I want a Government that would work to unite people, bring them together so that they can contribute efficiently in the progress of the country rather than wasting resource and weakening country by fighting with each other over petite issues.

I would like to Government to invite public participation in designing policies and plans intended to uplift the living standards and culminate the root causes of different socio-economic problems. It will happen only if govt. looks to problems of people irrespective of cast, creed and class.

I am sure if any Government takes even a small stand for the same, it will continue to rule over public’s hearts for ages. 

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