Book Review – Animal Farm by George Orwell

Cutting all the crap, I would call Animal Farm by George Orwell as a brutal attack on so-called communism. It is written with so much thought that it is still equally relevant as it was hundreds of years ago. George Orwell has chosen a strong symbolism to depict how all revolutions, that portrays a rosy picture of populism, have failed in its entirety.

The book is different from any novel in the respect that it does not mean what it says. A Fairy Story, as Orwell has subtitled the book, symbolizes pigs as the revolutionaries and war heroes that are idolized as the change makers. However, they become as ruthless and insensitive souls as their predecessors were after clinching the reins

Animal Farm by George Orwell is believed to be a stinging sarcasm on Soviet dictators — animalizing them as pigs. Through this book, Orwell sends across a clear message to watch out for the pigs in the human form, who may try to take control over the public. Having criticized the dictators, Orwell is kind enough to segregate them into two personalities – Snowball and Napoleon – with his stance slightly soft towards the former.

While Snowball has been depicted as a people’s representative, who is considerate about their needs and has a vision to improve their lives. On the contrary, Napoleon is an opportunist who does not hesitate to axe Snowball when he proves a deterrent in his political aspirations. He befools people and exploit them for his personal gains. At the same time, he is too smart to mislead the public and continues to enjoy their support and slavery.

But despite an uncanny rather symbolic resemblance to Soviet revolution that took place 100 years ago, it is still as relevant and accurate as it was in that period of political turmoil. I read that initially it was difficult for Orwell to publish the book because the publishers he submitted the manuscript to were reluctant to allow such a hard-hitting social and political satire to go into print. However, it was the foggy Soviet reference that contributed to the tremendous popularity of the book.

But the sustained popularity of the book has to do more with a strong ever-relevant vision, an intriguing plot and gripping narration. The book rapidly made to the political imagination as a preaching fable that gave a hearty peek into the most exalted social ideals that were actually degraded and motivated by political aspirations.

Go read this book. This is a small novella and you will be surprised to see how easily it fits into the present day politics. You can thank me later for my benevolence. Kidding…of course.

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