An amazing Punjabi song to watch out for!

Hundreds of Punjabi songs mushroom everyday across the nooks and corners of Hindi and Punjabi speaking belts. While the glamorous and big shot video songs grab audience eye and become overnight sensation, a majority of good and low-budget songs lose in the crowd. One of these songs grabbed my attention eye today. This song was sung by a new newbie, who is an honest singer more than anything. Probably, that’s why the soulfulness of the song mesmerized me.

The song doesn’t boast of any exotic location, big banner music houses and girls branding suits, goggles or other accessories. This is a simple that should be listened with simplicity and I am sure you will love it and play in the loop.

Believe me, it’s an honest appeal. No paid promotion. Listen the song and believe me.

Here is the YouTube window of the song.

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