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Being an avid reader and a passionate writer, I would love to express how did I feel while reading a book. At the same time, however, I am equally considerate about the fact that I am not an authority who have the right to pass judgement on anybody’s hard work. Therefore, I ensure I talk my perspective rather than trying to influence anybody’s thoughts. I look at a book from different angles and express my experience accordingly, especially for first time or new authors as it’s not an easy task to write a book. Every book has something or other to like and dislike and I try to find always the brighter side.

I thereby invite new and established publishers, self published authors, and aspiring and newbie writers to have a free book review for their literary work so that it can reach to readers, who appreciate good writing rather than the big names. While I offer a free book review for a review-only request, some minor charges may apply for additional services including posting the reviews on sites such Amazon, Flipkart, Goodreads among others and developing additional posts such as author interviews and a special feature on the book.

Let me tell you, reviews will be honest and based on my personal experience as a reader.

One more thing, I may sound like a miser but I expect a hard copy (my apologies to the trees who will be contributing to the cause) of the book from you because it will remind me my commitment, otherwise I’ve  only read around 40 percent of the books, I have bought. Some of which are never progressed beyond first 100 pages as I am like a child who abandons his old toy once he gets a new.

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