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There's no end to the world of books
There’s no end to the world of books

There are two worlds known to me. One that’s real; that I see with my naked eyes; that’s responsible for my and others’ being. But there’s another one that’s not visible to eyes; that takes shape in one’s imagination and vanishes with fading memories.

It’s subtle, sublime, and spellbinding like that of the first sunray kissing the surface. It’s a figment of some creative minds that, since ages, are fabricating this fascinating world with words woven employing imagination and intuition. Author, writer or wordsmith – we know them by many names.

Being an avid reader and a passionate writer, I don’t think my responding ends at just reading a book; in fact just after I finish reading a book, my creative bone and analytic mind force me to convert the views into words and pass on the knowledge and information to other voracious readers. I feel a strong urge to educate the readers if the book is worth reading or worth avoiding.

I thereby invite aspiring and newbie writers to have an honest review for their literary work so that it can reach to readers, who appreciate good writing rather than the big names.

Let me tell you, reviews will be honest and based on my personal experience as a reader.

One more thing, I may sound like a miser but I expect a hard copy (my apologies to the trees who will be contributing to the cause) of the book from you because it will remind me my commitment, otherwise I’ve  only read around 40% of the books, I have bought. Some of which are never progressed beyond first 100 pages as I am like a child who abandons his old toy once he gets a new.

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