I Saw and I Learnt; from an Aged DTC Bus Conductor

Fortunately, the conductor of the bus, I was traveling in, belonged to the first category. Despite his geriatric age, crowded bus and day’s tiredness; he was still humble, active and sweet.
Despite his geriatric age, crowded bus and day’s tiredness; the conductor was still humble, active and sweet .

I was on my return bus ride to home, from office. It was 8 pm already and traffic jams had started to take a toll on my patience.

I was all sweating from head to toe. The good thing was; I’d laid claim to a seat, a once-in-a-blue-moon affair, adjacent to the bus conductor, a fair wrinkle-faced, animated gentleman in his fifties

The bus paused at the traffic signal of Noida, Sector 11 and waited for the red to turn green. The red light on the traffic signal post baited and annoyed me with all its intensity.

Finally, the light turned green. The bus wheeled lazily to right leading to Mayur Vihar III. As it went past the signal, a person, probably in his thirties, waved his hand to stop the bus. He was almost standing at the traffic signal. The driver gave the man a ‘are-you-crazy?‘ look and accelerated the vehicle.

But, to my surprise, our jolly wrinkle-faced conductor couldn’t ignore his request.

Are rok de bhai. Raat ho rhi hai. Bechara kab tak khada rahega (Stop the bus friend! It’s getting late Poor guy may have to stand for long.)” He requested to driver

Driver, an Amzad Khan lookalike, seemed uninterested. He gave conductor a puzzled look as if asking, “Kitne aadmi the“, the famous dialogue from Sholay.

Rok de bhai (stop the bus please)” Conductor insisted, firmer this time.

Finally driver listened to him and killed the speed. The bus had glided around 50 yards to the place, the passenger was standing. He came running and boarded the bus panting.

As the automatic gates shut, something unexpected happened.

In spite of thanking the conductor for allowing him to board the bus at nowhere near the stand, he came with all guns blazing at him.

“What do you think of yourself? Are DTC buses your personal property? These buses are for passengers.” He continued for another 5 minutes which I didn’t hear or ignored, I don’t know.

Now it was conductor’s turn to return the favor; at least I’d thought so but it didn’t happen.

While I was expecting a mouthful from conductor, his response was pleasantly surprising.

Ticket le lo bhai. Kyun gussa ho rhe ho (take the ticket bro. Why are you getting angry?)” he said wearing a well-natured smile on his face.

“WOW! how did he manage to do that” I marveled at his patience and modesty.

But as we say, ‘Forgiveness is a virtue of Greats’ and we have just met one of the same species.

Who says inspiration comes only from the famous personalities?

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