Footprints of Failure Fuel the Desire to Succeed

Had success come easy, hard work and persistence would have lost its worth.
Had success come easy, hard work and persistence would have lost its worth.

I have something to tell you…something that’s unheard, unread and unexpressed. It’s a tale that trails the marks of some fulfilled and unfilled desires, some expected and unexpected encounters with time, some mistakes that worked wonders, and some decisions that went wrong.

I run aimlessly. Travel a far. Learn a lot. Still end up reaching nowhere. I restore my system. Start afresh with an AIM. But this time, the pace’s slow and confidence’s low. But I have an AIM and the DESIRE. The DESIRE to ACCOMPLISH.

While a right choice takes you higher, a wrong one ruins. I had always been fascinated towards writing. I wrote poems for aspiring lovers at school. I wrote write–ups for friends participating in different writing competitions. I wrote self–created answers in exams rather than importing those from help books. Believe me whatever I wrote, worked.

There were enough “OMENs” for me to pick writing as my career but how could I save myself from basic human tendency i.e never accept something that comes easy.

My goal had come easy for me… perfect reason to ignore the OMENs. I thought of every possible goal except the one I was destined to choose.

I finished school. Headed for college. Continued to write that still worked as it had always been. But still considered it a hobby. How could it be a profession? It had come easy like the love of our parents, which we rarely valued.

Anyways, I was done with my college and so-called career–oriented study and moved on to next big thing ― CAREER. Then, began the phase of aimless running from job to job. I did found peace and pleasure in the beginning but not the satisfaction because my passion, my childhood dream, my ever-neglected secret desire was still un–attended and rejected.

Chasing dreams is never easy. After initial encouragement, beginner’s luck, you find yourself in no man’s land. I was no exception. Had success come easy, hard work and persistence would have lost its worth. So one day, inspired by my initial success on the way  to success, I decided to take a U-turn, U-turn from my life that was going fine where if I couldn’t  boast of contentment, I wasn’t frustrated either.

There were obstructions…there were hindrances…perhaps God wanted to test my sincerity and desperation to realize my dream. Neither did I loose my courage nor did God tested my patience and persistence for long and I continued to transcend slowly but confidently. This time, both heart and mind were unidirectional. No conflict…no doubt…only a will…stronger and sincere like never before.

Though I am still far from that pot at the end of the rainbow, I have seen the light…the light evolving from seven vibrant colors that will continue to enlighten my way towards success…that is a process…the process of rising…and resurrecting…at the same time

Success is a never-ending journey that transverses through the destinations of success and failure. Even the failed attempts would not be able to deter my drive towards destination because I know…In fact I believe…the footprints of failure fuel the desire to succeed.


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