Let the Change Begin from Ourselves

glassSomeone cries for the glass which according to him is half-empty while the same glass is the reason of someone’s rejoice as he is happy to have something at least.

Pessimism and optimism are subject to individual’s outlook or way of looking at the things. Delhi or any other state on the map of India political is half filled and half empty in terms of growth, progress, issues, and problems.

But the difference here in this scenario is that neither too much optimism nor pessimism is going to bring any good for us, the citizens of India.

The way you can’t sit and wait at the shore for some miracle to take you through, you can’t expect the changes and growth to take place overnight, without exerting endeavors.

Nobody can do anything for us until we try and endeavor to change our fortunes. We blame government for our miseries but we forget that it’s us who have brought them to power. An aware and responsible citizen makes a strong country. We have the power, power to choose our leaders.

Let’s do a small self assessment. How many of us vote a person on the basis of his works, dedication and commitment towards the country. Don’t we make the choices basis community, caste, locality and position. Everybody knows the answer. Let us make a fair choice and think beyond cast and creed.

We know the glass is half empty but it is half-filled as well. And it is the responsible of ‘we the people of India’ to fill this half portion with our sense of responsibility and duties towards the nation. I am not saying make a new party. It is not the solution. In fact the solution is very simple as simple as using dust bin to dispose the waste, saving electricity and water at home and office and protecting public property.

It’s an old saying that drop-after-drop makes a sea; similarly a string of efforts is capable of bringing about a big progressive change. Therefore, let the change begin from your home and from yourself and spread it across the nation until it becomes a revolution, the revolution to improve ourselves and playing a active role in the growth and development of the country.

I remember a dialogue from some movie, ‘Once we all will improve ourselves, the whole nation will get better by itself.

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