It worked, my clean shaven look bowled her over

It was a love-at-the-first-sight kind of feeling for Sagar; and for her, well, only she knew.

It’d been a week since they were traveling in the same chartered bus en route their respective offices. Like it happened yesterday when Sagar, on a fine sunny Monday morning, had boarded the same bus where a pretty smiling face had took his heart away; however the response he’d got from the girl was depressing…in fact devastating.

Since then he’d tried every permutation and combination with his dress and hairstyle to match the elegance of his beard which according to him was his prized possession by then but couldn’t earn more than a reluctant gaze that dropped sooner than it developed.

Finally Sagar lost hope and patience, and stopped trying.

This Monday was going to be a happening day for him at office. He had to visit a client so he had to go for a reluctant shave. Clean shaven he entered the bus, stealing sight from the girl which was sitting two rows back from where he usually sat.

Their eyes met.

Wow! she didn’t turn her gaze. She was seeing straight into his eyes, surprised…smiling.

Luckily the seat beside her was vacant. He’d almost collapsed when she invited him to sit beside her.

Though nothing happened after that, from her anxiety and periodic gazing it was evident that his clean shaven look bowled her over.  

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