Book Review: If It’s Not Forever…it’s not love

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Author: Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh
Publisher: Grapevine India
Pages: 239
Rating: 4 Stars

It’s been over a year since ‘If It’s Not Forever…it’s not love’ was warming my book shelf. I’d read the first page and put it back to where it belonged. I dared to pick it again on my friend’s insistence who loved it like anything. And I am glad I picked it. It’s amazing.

If It's Not Forever. It's Not Love. (English)Deb, a Chandni Chowk bomb blast survivor, finds a diary at the blast spot. From the condition of the diary which was burnt badly it appeared that the diary-holder wasn’t fortunate enough to survive the wrath of that fateful day.

Depressed and traumatized, Deb decides to read the last words of a dead man, who happens to be a love-ridden, amazing human being whose only desire was, “I wish I could see her tomorrow”.

He knows his love won’t be reciprocated but it’s something that he is least bothered about. All he wants to see the love of his life happy and blessed, at any cost.


His love story moves Deb deeply and he decides to find the girl, the dead man loved, and hand over the diary to her as she is the one who deserves that diary than anybody else as she is one who needs to know that what she has missed, she is the one who should know nobody can love her the way he did.

And then begins the hunt for finding the girl who was the life of the dead man; whom he couldn’t express his feelings to.

Avantika, Deb’s girlfriend and love of life, Shrey, Deb’s best friend and business partner, and Tiya, Shrey’s girlfriend and a spoilt girl accompany Deb in his hunt.

The novel has two stories running parallel to each other.

First one’s of Deb life. He loves Avantika, a mature and amazingly beautiful girl who has some haunting memories to forget. He has a friend, Shrey who is a carefree freak and changes girlfriends overnight.

The second story takes shape from the pages of diary which is presented in italicized alphabets supported with the dates on which the happenings were recorded. While the first one is about the adventures of Deb and company in their hunt for the girl, second one is about the dead man (the diary holder who dies in the blast) who reveals the layers of his life – his childhood, his family and Ragini whom he loves as one loves life.

The novel is a duet in writing, crafted by Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh. I tried to find two writing styles which I did find (though not sure who owns which). The Deb’s story (written in first person and resembles that to Durjoy if it’s actually based on a true story) is fast and has an urban touch, with minimal description, a metro lingual (lots of F***s) and give-a-damn lifestyle (booze, babes and bed). On the contrary, the dead man’s story has sanity and peace as if every word is love-soaked written in the ink of love – something that suits perfectly to a divine tale of eternal love.

It’s a captivating read. More than once I felt like jumping to the last chapter as it was getting difficult for me to wait to know about the fate of the diary. The ‘present-tense-narration’ makes the story more intriguing and mysterious. Also the real life mentions like Grapevine and company funds etc make you feel more emotionally connected to the story. The swaps between Deb’s story and Dead Man’s story have been used wonderfully. There isn’t a single episode when story loses its grip. But what sets the mercury soaring are the final 70 pages where every page greets you with a new revelation, a new heart break, and a new hope at the same time.

You are surely gonna love this, provided you haven’t grown up reading the literary classics and conventional wordsmiths.

P.S – I would request Grapevine India to pay more attention towards editing and proofreading. I’ve read a couple of your books and have found some typo errors in almost every book. Rest is perfect. I recommend this book to all lovers of romance genre. It’s by far better than many hyped and so-called romance novels published in India.

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