A Rainy Day, I’ll Never Forget, a short story

It was a rainy day. The strings of drops were falling carelessly on whatever coming in their way. Trees, terraces, concrete roads, rivers or fields, human – these drops spared nothing.

Drops don’t bother if the person they are falling at is happy or frustrated with this encounter. The destiny of these drops is to fall and vanish.

It was a rainy day. Neither was it the first that I would have ever witnessed, nor was it the last that I would be witnessing. But it was special that’s why it’s alive in my memory. Fresh as the new petals after the first rain. Some rains do that to you. The fragrance of wet soil still lingers in my senses. I was all drenched and was still dancing amid pristine beauty, somewhere in my homeland.

Rain does it to you. Not every rain. And that’s the reason that rainy day was special. Such rains happen in ages and linger in your memories till your last breath. Everything was beautiful. All faces were happy and cheerful. Rain did it to me and will continue to do every time I’ll remember that rainy day when I was blessed with my bundle of joy.

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