His Runaway Royal Bride: Typical Mills n Boon

runawayMills n Boon has arrived India, thanks to Harlequin India which comes up with the idea of Indie Mills n Boon although many of the books written these days seems to be written in similar lines.

Anyway I am not here to talk about all these books, but a specific book, His Royal Runway Bride by Tanu Jain, which comes from the home of Harlequin India and is based on Mills n Boon series with an Indian story in the heart of it.

His Royal Runway Bride is a story of rich, handsome, Casanova – Veer (as it happens in Mill n Boon) from a royal family – and a beautiful, bubbly but middle class girl – Meethi (as it happens in Mills n Boon).

Handsome hunk falls for the girl from the word ‘go’ and the beautiful, bubbly but so-called poor girl after a few ‘ifs and buts’ (again as it happens in Mills n Boon).

Soon they get married with the kind opposition of the royal family. After some time girl finds herself misfit in the world of royals and runs away from the house in a way that everybody assumes her to be dead (for particular details, you have to read the book).

The storyline is ordinary with nothing new to offer. Like any other Mills n Boon book, the sex is the main USP of the book. You may raise some questions against the timing and placement of sex sequences in the story but when it comes to descriptions and setting a steamy tone for love making, you would have no complains.

The book has been targeted at Indian Mills n Boon lovers and they are gonna love it for sure. For me, it’s not my cup of tea.

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