Dentist who dug a dent in my pocket

I am taking this opportunity to write from my blog about a dentist in Mayur Vihar III, who made me think if dentists are actually dent-ists who dig a dent in your pocket.

It’d been three days since my wisdom teeth was troubling me like hell. Brufens and Diclowin Plus had surrendered. When I couldn’t bear it any more, I decided to see a dentist. The one I used to visit had shifted clinic to somewhere I didn’t know. The second one I chose wasn’t convincing as he seemed to be more interested in the contents of my wallet rather than my tooth.

“Three hundred is my fee and I am giving you two injections to relieve pain. Writing down the medicine, buy it from a chemist,” she’d a plan for all 500.

Then I hunted for the third one in Mayur Vihar III, Delhi. Finally I was able to locate one in the ground floor of a DDA housing complex. As I entered the clinic, I saw a heavy, bespectacled woman that reminded me my history teacher at school.

She looked at me over her specs in enquiry.

Daant dikhana hai bahut dard hai,” I was barely audible.

aa jao,” suddenly her expression changed to a street hawker’s selling saaris on rehdi.

I sat on the stool lying there.

hmmm…kab se hai dard,” she kept the pin on the table she was cleaning her tooth with.

do din se, bahut dard hai, munh bhi nhin khul rha” my every word was oozing pain.

theek hai vahaan jaakar let jaao,” she directed me to the high-rise dentist chair surrounded by different machines.

I obeyed her.

She carried her heavy frame, cleared her throat and approached me. She put a laryngeal mirror and suddenly her face expression changed as if she’d come to a funeral.

“Oh my God, you have got a serious infection in your germinating wisdom teeth. There is heavy swelling too,” she faked a fear, “by the way how much money do you have.”

“What the fuck” I thought, “why” is all I asked.

“That would help me decide your treatment,” she replied in an innocent voice.

“five hundred,” the pain attack in my mouth didn’t allow me to say more.

“ok then. Three hundred is my fee and I am giving you two injections to relieve pain. Writing down the medicine, buy it from a chemist,” she’d a plan for all 500.

After that she inserted two injections, one after another, in my ass, recovered the only 500 note I had and asked me to meet her again in the evening with some fresh cash.

I left her clinic heavy-footed, walked down to my house (as I had no money for a rickshaw). I waited with baited breath for pain to subside but it didn’t. Within next 2 hours I was suffering from two pains: one in my mouth and second at my back, of course due to injections.

I tried to reason that I was treated at an affordable price but what if I had Rs. 2000 or more. I am afraid to imagine how many more pains I would’ve got by the time I reached home.

Anyway, I hope and pray nobody would get to see such dent-ists.

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