10 Vulgar Songs of 90s that You Must have Enjoyed

image90s was the time when Bollywood was dominated by bhojpuri-type movies, decorated with double-meaning dialogues and vulgar songs. You may hesitate to accept it in public but you know you have enjoyed them…hai na, bolo…

Here are 10 vulgar-gums from 90s that you must have enjoyed or laughed over in the company of your booze-buddies:

1. Chad gaya upar re,
Atariya pe lotan kabootar re…

2. sarkai leyo khatia, jaada lage,
jaade me balma pyaara lage

3. Laal laal hothon gori kiskaa naam hai,
dil men kaun rehta hai kiska mukaam hai.

4. Choli ke peeche kya hai,
Chunari ke neeche.

5. Tu ru tu ru tu ru turu
kahaan se karun main pyaar shuru.

6. Khada khada khada khada hai,
Aashiq tere dar par khada hai,
Khol Khol Khol, darwaaja khol.

7. main maal gaadi tu dhakka laga
dhakka laga bhai dhakka laga

8. bharo maang meri bharo,
Karo pyaar mujhe karo.

9. In the night no control,
Kya karoon kuch to bol.

10. chhat pe soya tha behnoi,
main tanne samajh ke so gayi.

These are the songs that I could remember. Suggest more and help me expand the list.

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