Indian Book Publishing Industry Sets to Flourish

India has 9,000 publishers, over 21,000 retailers and 22 official languages (1600 if you include regional dialects)

Titled as the The India Book Market: Understanding the India Book Market, the study presented an elaborate report on the Indian book market. The Association of Publishers in India (API) and the Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) commissioned Nielsen, a renowned researcher of what consumers watch and buy, to produce a major new study about Indian book publishing market.

The first-of-its-kind  report analyzed the fast-growing books market in context of local and international publishers, retailers as well as the book consumers. The report also intends to provide the Indian book publishing industry with significant insights into the market and the relevant behavior of its consumers i order to enable the industry to achieve the requisites and demands of a fast growing well-educated nation.

Vikas Gupta, President of the API, commented: “The India Book Market Report delves into the publishing landscape in the country – size and potential of the industry, what challenges it faces and what opportunities lie ahead.  Various government initiatives and policies affecting publishing; the status of education in India; book retailing and the digital publishing industry as the future of publishing, have all been discussed at length. It also reveals some interesting facts about the industry – such as the size of publishing being larger than the Indian film Industry.”

In conclusion, the report highlights the enormous potential the Indian book publishing industry has shown in recent years, substantiated with Nielsen’s market estimation study. An astute and powerful first edition, the India Book Market Report is an invaluable tool for everyone in the book publishing industry.

“We are extremely pleased to have launched the report; it is truly a first in many ways for India’s burgeoning print book market. The market in India has seen a double digit growth in the last four years, and our studies peg India as the second largest English-language book market in the world, with the print book market at the sixth position globally,,” said Prashant Singh, MD, Nielsen India.

“This intensive report  captures the vernacular  print market in India, as well as the resurgence of Indian authors writing in English – tracking in-depth trends that have attributed to the rise of the market in India. The rise in literacy, a growing middle class and greater disposable income hold significant opportunities for the future growth of publishing businesses in India,” he added.

Jonathan Stolper, SVP & Global Managing Director of Nielsen Book, said, “Nielsen Book is the leading provider of retail sales analysis and consumer research but this is the first time we have been asked to look at a market and conduct such an in-depth piece of research.

Jonathan also brought to the light some interesting facts about the industry:

India has 9,000 publishers, over 21,000 retailers and 22 official languages (1600 if you include regional dialects)
Literacy in India grew from 65 percent  in 2001 to 74 percent in 2011, while it is expected to reach 90 percent in 2020.

The India Book Market Report is the first study for decades, Rohit Kumar, Ex-President of the API, commented: “After such a long time, we have real data on the size and potential of the Indian book publishing industry.  The sheer number of readers in India is increasing at one of the fastest rates in the world.  The impact to Indians through the written word has never been higher; India’s growth to a developed economy will only happen through its youth developing their minds and thoughts.  The publishing industry and authors play a key role in influencing this in the right way.”

“The Indian publishing industry has tremendous potential but also faces some challenges. A cumbersome distribution network, long credit cycles and piracy are considered key roadblocks within the market. This combined with a lack of ‘industry’ recognition, support and policies makes it more challenging for publishers in the Indian publishing industry.  A key recommendation is for the automation of certain sectors, for instance, publisher prefix and ISBN allocation – which could improve the process and flow of information for publishers large and small.  However, the overall growth of the market is very encouraging for existing and new players,” said Vikrant Mathur, Director, Nielsen Book India.


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