English Translation: आँखों की मुख़बिरी का मज़ा हमसे पूछिए by ख़ुमार बाराबंकवी:

इक पल में इक सदी का मज़ा हम से पूछिए
दो दिन की ज़िंदगी का मज़ा हम से पूछिए

How it is like enjoying a lifetime in one moment, I can tell you.

How it is like enjoying a useless life, I can tell you.

भूले हैं रफ़्ता रफ़्ता उन्हें मुद्दतों में हम
क़िस्तों में ख़ुदकुशी का मज़ा हम से पूछिए

Gradually, I managed to forget her,

How it is like suiciding in installments, I can tell you.

आग़ाज़-ए-आशिक़ी का मज़ा आप जानिए
अंजाम-ए-आशिक़ी का मज़ा हम से पूछिए

The pleasure of a blossoming love, you know it well,

How it is like dying in failed love, I can tell you.


जलते दियों में जलते घरों जैसी ज़ौ कहाँ
सरकार रौशनी का मज़ा हम से पूछिए

Shining lamps can’t match the illumination of burning abodes,

How it is like burning in this light, my love, I can tell you.

वो जान ही गए कि हमें उनसे प्यार है
आँखों की मुख़बिरी का मज़ा हमसे पूछिए

Finally she got to know about my one-sided love,

How devastating it is having a pair of prying eyes, I can tell you.

हँसने का शौक़ हमको भी था आप की तरह
हँसिए मगर हँसी का मज़ा हम से पूछिए

Even, I, like you, was fond of laughing,

You can have your laugh, but how a laugh costs you, I can tell you.

हम तौबा कर के मर गए बे-मौत ऐ ‘ख़ुमार’
तौहीन-ए-मय-कशी का मज़ा हम से पूछिए

I quit and died untimely,

How it is like insulting alcohol, I can tell you.


About Khhumaar Bankvi

Khumār Barabankvi is a renowned Urdu poet and lyricist, hailing from a town named Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh, India. Khumar is his pen name while  his real name is Mohammed Haidar Khan, coming from the Arabic root ‘Khum’ which means a jar of wine. He was born in 1919 while he breathed his last in 1999.

Though he was a successful songwriter, he always preferred to attend mushairas than dedicating time to pen down lyrics for films. Moreover, he was not happy with the falling standards of poetry in films. Therefore, he tried to distant himself from Bollywood for quite long time. It was only on the insistence of music director Naushad that he agreed to write songs for K. Asif’s ‘Love and God’ but thereafter he deserted bollywood and settled in Barabanki.

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